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August 27, 2019

Wedding Tip: Where to Search For Wedding Inspiration

Congratulations! You just said YES to the love of your life and while the next step should be taking time to celebrate alongside your family and friends, you should soon be searching for wedding inspiration. The search for inspiration can be found in so many places, and narrowing down what locations, hobbies, people, and passions bring you the most joy is the very first step in finding that inspiration.

I’m sure you want your wedding to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. From the color palette and table décor, to the invitations and floral arrangements,  you want to find inspiration that expresses your love story. Finding where your inspiration comes from is the start to something special and this blog post was written to give you that start. Check out my tips below for where to find  your wedding inspiration.

Where does wedding inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and taking a look at your very own lifestyle will be a great indicator of what brings you the most joy.

Your Home:As you walk around your home, look at the different textures, colors and fabrics you are drawn too. Understand yourself and your style. Why do you use the colors you use, or why do you have certain plants and flowers in your kitchen or even as simple as; how do you organize and design your living room? Don’t underestimate yourself! Your style shows everyone who you are and what you like.

Fashion and Architectural Design: While you scroll on your phone how many times have you came across beautiful architecture and the fashion industry?  Or drive pass a unique building that captures your eyes? The design world can give you  fresh conceptual ideas for your wedding day. These industries are filled with a lot of different patterns, colors, layouts and styles that are trendy and unique. See what is trending now and see if that is your style. Or if you know you aren’t looking for more classics, look at the past imagery and find something that’s more specific to your taste. Take inspiration from the fashion and design world and incorporate it into your wedding day!

Travel and Cultures:  Do you enjoy traveling? What about traveling makes you happy? The food? People? Natural Wonders? Inspiration can come from your local and international travels and can inspire many aspects of your wedding day. From your food, color palettes and your overall ambiance and guest experience travel can influence you’re wedding day vibe. Locally, inspiration can come from local stores and shop windows right down your street. Many shops have a creative and innovative approaches as too how they use up their space. By creating a space that is functional and appropriate for their own vision, that is how they attract their specific target. This target market can be you!  Consider your favorite stores and ask yourself “why do I like this place?” Do you like the colors on the wall? Do you like the patterns on the clothes? or Do you simply like the people? By understanding what draws you into a store, you can use that inspiration and take different concepts to create your own wedding day vision.

The next step

Once you understand your overall vision for your day and have a good amount of inspiration collected, it’s time to create your design board. A design board is a curated collection of images that you love and feel represent your wedding day. They are purposeful and intentional at getting the overall vibe and style across. It should be organized in a document that you can present to your vendor team.

****I recommend using Canva or PowerPoint to create your design board

You can use Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, the internet, and personal pictures to create your collection of images. Once gathered, start to organize the photos into individual pages that will make sense to your vendor team. When they look through your design board make sure it’s easy for their eyes and to get a good understanding of who you are and your style.

****For example, create a page for your flower bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, color palette, reception and ceremony inspiration, cake designs, stationery designs, etc.

Your design board will be the starting point for everyone involved in bringing your wedding vision to life. It will allow vendors to see your overall style and taste and create accurate quotes and designs with intent.


The final step

Start planning and start sharing! When you reach out to potential vendors, share with them your design board in the initial email so they can get a feel for your style! It will help them know what direction they should take when designing and planning out your wedding – because after all this is YOUR DAY and it should be UNIQUE to you and your style!


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Author: Sierra Goodman is an ATE Intern focusing on all things social media and newsletters for my brand. She is currently attending school with major in Hospitality and minor in Interior Design and has been a huge asset to my team.  You can follow Sierra on instagram @_sierramist303 to say hello!


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