i'm so glad you're here.

 Alyssa Thomas Events is a Wedding and Event Planning Agency serving  Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Destination Clients.  

I'm Alyssa.

A Midwest gal, addicted to my mom’s homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and sincerely love people and Jesus.  

I find joy in creating beautiful things and believe that my purpose is to serve others through creativity, inspiration and unconditional love.

The incredible people I get to work with and serve every day are what makes being an event planner so rewarding.


The Ultimate Styled Shoot Planning Guide

30 pages of tried and true practices for planning your dream shoot. There's juicy detail, marketing content, and a year's worth of knowledge wrapped up one amazing document.

Without a doubt, Alyssa envisioned my wedding better than I could have imagined! She simply has an eye for making an event 

beautifully entertaining."