"Her knowledge, skills, insight and creativity are exactly what you need when organizing any event. Anyone who decides to use her will have just made one of the best decisions." 

Without a doubt, Alyssa envisioned my wedding better than I could have imagined! She simply has an eye for making an event "beautifully entertaining". Everything from the color of the napkins to the entertaining of guests, Alyssa has great ideas that are cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Some ladies just have a touch, and Alyssa is one of them. You can count on her, trust her and feel comfortable asking Alyssa pretty much anything. If you are wanting a stress free wedding that is full of fun and laughter, she is your girl. Alyssa's bubbly personality and beautiful coordinating skills make her a recipe for success!

"she simply has an eye for
making an event beautifully entertaining"

One word to describe Alyssa? AMAZING. Her incredible eye for the perfect theme, floral design, or accent decor piece doesn't even begin to describe her level of talent, taste, and style. She is the most genuinely kind person I've ever met, and insanely smart as well! She is the exact person I would want behind the scenes at my wedding. Her attention to detail is matched by no one, and her ability to see your wedding vision and execute it to perfection is something you don't see every day. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is getting married!

"one word to describe alyssa? AMAZING."