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August 31, 2017

5 Ways to Show Your Bridesmaids Gratitude

When it comes time to celebrate one of the best days of your life, every Bride needs her best friends by her side. Bridesmaids are going to be honored to stand by you on your wedding day as your marry the love of your life. While you’re focusing on planning your wedding and managing your budget, try to remember all of the time and money your bridesmaids are spending as well. From engagement parties, showers, and bachelorettes, to buying their dress and hair and makeup on your wedding day, the costs easily add up.

It can be easy to get caught up in the details of planning, but remember to take some time to appreciate your best friends and be grateful for all that they have done for you. Here are a 5 ways to show your bridesmaids gratitude..

1. Meaningful & Personalized Gifts
Whether you give them a gift when you ask them to be in your wedding or a gift on your big day, show appreciation by sharing something special with your ladies.  Ideas: personalized robe or stationary, accessories, trendy waterbottle or coffee mug, or a personalized clutch. Gifts don’t have to cost a fortune either. Consider writing a thoughtful note about how special they are to you and why you’re thankful for their friendship or having cute champagne glasses waiting on them to celebrate on your big day.

2. Attend Appointments
If your bridesmaids are local, offer for them to attend a vendor appointment with you to make them feel included in the decision making. On the other hand, if you want your vendor appointments to be more intimate between your family and spouse, you can share photos and ideas with your bridesmaids after your appointments so they can appreciate the excitement you’re feeling. Ideas: Wedding & Bridesmaid dress shopping, ceremony and reception venue walkthroughs, florist appointment, or shoe & accessory shopping.

3. Ask Their Opinions
Depending on each friends strengths and personality traits, share with them the details that they can bring value and expertise. Your friends will feel valued if they’re included in the process. Ideas to get their opinion on: color scheme, song requests, jewelry & accessories, hairstyles, food and drink preferences, or reception details.
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4. Keep Them in The Loop
A simple way to show appreciation for your tribe. Bridesmaids spend a ton of time planning and attending events for your wedding. Keep them in the loop early by providing them with dates and times of your events. Make it simple with a single form of communication that captures everything they need to know. Also, consider your friends travel plans by sharing your rehearsal and wedding day timeline well in advance of your big day so they can make appropriate plans. Simple ways to share timelines: Email, Group Text, Website, or Google Docs.

5. Cut Some Costs
As you plan your wedding budget, make sure to add a column for bridesmaids + groomsmen costs if you have some extra to spare. If you plan for it up front, you can find some simple ways to cut costs for your friends. They spend a good chunk of money on outfits, traveling, gifts, and parties – so helping with some costs will be nothing short of appreciated. Ideas to help cut costs: a giftcard to bridesmaid dress store, pay for hair or makeup on your wedding day, pay for their hotel rooms, or buy their wedding day accessories or shoes if you want them to wear specific pieces.

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Your bridesmaids will be honored to stand by your side on your wedding day. A simple act of appreciation for all they’ve done and continue to do for you will go a long way. I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple suggestions for showing your bridesmaids gratitude.
Would love to hear your thoughts: If you’ve been in a wedding, what are some ways that a bride has made you feel special and appreciated?!





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