April 6, 2017

Droolworthy Wedding Cake Trends You Don’t Want to Miss!

I’m obsessed with details when it comes to planning events and I take cake very seriously. So seriously that I decided to have five…yes FIVE! cakes at my wedding so my baker could execute all of the detail and flavors that I wanted on my big day. Yes, I’m fully aware… a little excessive lol!

I am writing this blog because ideas are endless when it comes to cakes. I want to inspire you with four droolworthy wedding cake trends in the market that are so hot right now every wedding blogger has something to say about them.

Also, as a side note, since spring is officially here, everyone and their mother is working on their summer bod and I’m just over here eating funfetti cake while writing this blog… nom nom nom.

Let’s dive in!

TREND #1: Naked Cakes
The only icing on these cakes are in between layers or drizzled on top. You can add macaroons or florals for color and personality!



TREND #2: Watercolor Cakes
These cakes scream personal style. The ideas are endless for what design you want to create. Monograms, flowers, and marbling are a few of the design trends.




TREND #3: Metallic Detailed Cakes
A simple touch of gold and silver does the trick on these cakes. Adding metallic to your cake is a creative way to modernize your cake as well!


TREND #4: Donut Cakes
A spin-off of from your common tiered wedding cake, the DONUT CAKE! How delicious do these look?!



……and last but not least, here’s proof of evidence to back up my comment about having 5 wedding cakes!


Comment below if you’re already using one of these cake trends or it’s inspired your next event! I would love to hear about your cake details for your upcoming event and what trend you’re hooked on right now.

With Love!

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